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Never before has the world of travel been as accessible to the kosher traveler as it is today. From Peru to Paris to the Philippines, the kosher traveler can have it all. At Kosher Culinary Adventures we aim to provide you with a once in a lifetime vacation. All our trips are small and intimate, so you can relax with complete silence and privacy. Our team of talented chefs spend their days crafting exquisite meals that highlight the local cuisine and incorporate regional flavors into each dish. During the year, we spend our time sourcing the best local kosher products, all to give our clients the most authentic culinary experience possible. We offer a new way to travel, one where you can enjoy the full experience of immersing yourself in a new culture. Explore cities at your own pace or travel with a group, spend the day relaxing on a boat, or visit a local marketplace. It’s a tour package for the independent traveler, specifically geared to your tastes and pace.

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