& excursions
let us take you to wherever your heart desires.
tell us where yOu want
to go and we will make it happen!
Travel is a time
for many things...

...Exploration. Enrichment. Leisure and Relaxation. Sometimes, traveling is a time to get lost, to wander through new vistas with

no schedule, no plan, except to experience. 

Of course, if you want your kosher vacation to be more structured,  Kosher Culinary Travel's concierge can create an itinerary that is as broad as the Tuscan horizon. We can suggest places to visit, and you can fill your days as you please. 

We work with only the most experienced local tour guides and for

lack of other words “personalities” that will emerse you in the

culture and lifestyle of your destination.


Whatever your travel style,

with Kosher Culinary travel,

anything is possible.


Kosher Culinary TRAVEL 
will guide YOU THROUGH 
all aspects of planning your trip.
From car rentals AND FLIGHTS to itinerary planning, we are with you each step of the way, to ensure that your holiday is perfect!