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Whether it’s a 10-day tour through Eastern Europe, an African Safari, or island hopping in Hawaii, kosher culInary travel can make it happen.
For over 8 years, Kosher Culinary Travel has been coordinating and arranging exclusive, kosher holidays and kosher villa vacations for families and groups.

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Wherever you wish to travel, we can ensure that you and your companions have the privacy and comfort of home, with all the luxurious amenities that you would expect from a kosher culinary travel vacation.


Luxury Kosher villas

Customized Travel

For example...

For one such holiday, our guests wanted a logistically complicated

trip. We began our trip in Croatia, then headed

down to Greece to explore the Mediterranean and  

Greek islandsonboard a luxury gulet yacht. 

 We created this trip from the ground up –

from choosing locations, to planning itineraries, organizing

flights from several different continents, and of course,

making sure the food (some of which had to be gluten, dairy,

and meat-free!) was exquisite.


 Kosher supervision varies from local Rabbinical councils to Worldwide kashrut organizations. We supply glatt mehadrin meats and

chalav Yisrael dairy as well as pat Yisrael.