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A Great Kosher African Safari

Updated: May 12, 2019

We can’t wait for our next Kosher African Safari! Last summer we were lucky enough to have two trips to South Africa and Zambia, and this summer is looking like a busy time for us in Africa again.

Traveling to Africa as a kosher Jew is exciting, delicious experience. South Africa is known for its excellent kosher meat and the local produce is wonderful. Being on the water, Cape Town, one of our stops, offers a top-notch variety of fish to enjoy.

On safari, there are many amazing things you see. Above, from left, is a sunset out in the bush, a herd of elephants, and a surfer standing on the beach in Cape Town.

Above, a herd of water buffalo, nature in the bush, and the lounge in the beautiful Selati Bush Camp.

One of the luxurious bedrooms in Selati Lodge, a few saddle-billed storks, and dinner service laid out for our lucky guests.

A rhinoceros, the outside of the lodge, and a lion heading for a nap.

Africa is a wondrous destination, full of exciting things to do, see, and experience.

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