• Avicam Gitlin

Eating Kosher in Barcelona

Kosher Restaurant Barcelona, Spain - Summer 2019

Imagine. Touring the countryside just north of Barcelona, a stop over to visit the Jewish history of Girona. A drive towards to the coast to a beach that tourists haven't discovered (yet). All of this is a lovely start to a vacation, but then you get hungry! That peanut butter and canned tuna you brought from home to have a kosher trip just doesn't cut it and it's not really a kosher vacation!

This Summer, from August 13 to August 27, 2019 instead of rummaging for tuna cans - come join us in the beautiful Castell di Sant Mori. A 16th century castle, and for these two weeks, both the home for out boutique kosher hotel and you can make reservations for a kosher restaurant experience for lunch and dinner.

Chef Sara Black will have a locally inspired menu with local products and some fusion dishes.

Put away the tuna cans and make your reservation for our kosher restaurant in the countryside of Barcelona today.

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