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Driven by a passion for culinary excellence, cultural immersion, and meaningful connections, our mission is to create unforgettable journeys that blend the art of exploration with the essence of kosher cuisine.

  Am Yisrael חי!
We are IsraStrong 

We are Israel Strong and moving forward! 

Kosher Culinary Travel is proud to be Israel based. Our team is here and our hearts are here. We know that now the civil front needs to step up to strengthen our soldiers and our homeland. To that end we are looking towards the future and with your help we will be stronger than ever. 

1. On the ground support for our soldiers through meal prep and delivery of personal items. 

2. Setting up a victorious Pesach 2024 - second consecutive year at the Aldemar Olympian Village in Pyrgos Greece. We are setting aside a minimum of 20 rooms for soldiers and their families so they can have a truly restful Pesach after returning victorious from battle.


3. Israel Chef project. Israeli chefs have been hit hard. Restaurants are mostly closed, events are non existent, tourism is paused. Hire an Israeli chef for your next event, as a personal home chef, or for your upcoming winter vacation and give parnassa while delighting your palate.  


Our Soldiers

More information about Pesach 2024

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To hire an Israel Chef!

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