Kashrut Policy

Kosher Culinary Travels works closely with the local rabbinic authorities to make sure that all supplied food products conform to the kashrut standards upheld by the local Beit Din and are in regular correspondence with the local rabbis. Our highly trained staff are well-versed in halacha and check every aspect of kashrut. Our “open-kitchen” policy means that you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that everything is 100% kosher and that nothing is hidden.

We use only glatt kosher meats and our cheeses and dairy products are all certified chalav yisrael. All of our wines are certified kosher. Most wines are not mevushal and our service staff are shomrei Shabbat.

In addition to being a chef, Avicam Gitlin has also served as a kashrut supervisor and is exceptionally knowledgable with regards to kosher products and ingredients.

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