Great ideas are born when
good friends and great
wine come together

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Kosher Culinary Travel is the perfect way for me to fulfill my dream of providing flexible, delicious kosher vacations to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth. I am excited to provide travelers with the opportunity to experience cuisine and culture without restrictions. Kosher Culinary Travel allows me to fuse my passion for cooking using fresh, local ingredients with my desire to broaden the horizons of kosher travel. Each trip for me is a new and exciting opportunity to explore the local food culture, and create a unique culinary experience.
I am excited to now offer a self-catered travel option through the online store which allows independent travelers the opportunity to explore their destination at their own pace, while being able to cook great quality, wholesome meals, with a local flavor.

Travel leaves you speechless,
then turns you into a stroyteller anonynous

It all started 5 years ago when a group of friends sat together on a Friday night enjoying a delicious Shabbat meal, with lots of talking and laughter. It was springtime and just the right season to travel to Tuscany. We all shared our desire to travel to Italy, we longed to enjoy the gorgeous rolling Tuscan hills, the scent of the Italian cypress trees under the warm Mediterranean sun, and above all, we dreamt of experiencing the exquisite local cuisine, while keeping it kosher.

Culinary travel was born that night.