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Discover the World with Kosher Culinary Travel

Tuscany, Italy
Romance. Food. Nature. History. 

Tuscany is one of the most romanticized areas in all of Italy. After the famous book by Francis Mays, “Under the Tuscan Sun” came out, the area exploded with tourism–and for good reason. This idyllic farming province produces some of the most incredible food in all of Italy, with great care taken to ensure  that the wines, cheeses, and meats produced here are of impeccable quality. The area is characterized by its rugged charm. Tuscan food is considered “peasant food”, with a lot of emphasis placed on using local ingredients, and making sure nothing goes to waste!


Tuscany isn’t only rustic, though. We work with a wonderfully elegant bed and breakfast in Livorno that will transport you to a world of luxury. This incredible home has been in the famous Italian Jewish Cassuto family for years, and is filled with beautiful family heirlooms and works of art. The hostess, Ariela, welcomes all her guests as though they were family, serving them cool glasses of Prosecco in her glorious, rose-filled garden, and each meal is impeccably served in her tasteful dining room. The villa is just a ten minute walk to the breathtaking sea, and Ariela will be delighted to suggest off the beaten track places for her guests to visit.

Southern Africa

Africa. Where to begin? This enormous continent is home to over 50 countries, countless tribes, cultures, traditions, and climates. It has been home to prosperous kingdoms, despotic rulers, and some of the most dramatic events of the 20th century. Up until quite recently, almost all of the African nations were ruled by foreign powers who saw the lands they owned as cash cows, leaving political unrest and turmoil when the shackles of imperialism liftedwere . Much of the continent is still chaotic, but it also offers incredible history, nature, and excitement for an adventurous kosher traveler!


Our African safari takes place in Southern Africa. Some of the worlds most amazing sights are located in the tip of the continent, from Cape Towns beautiful Table Mountain to the vast plains of Kruger National Park, and much more. We aim to bring you a trip that is thrilling, beautiful, relaxing, and informative.


On our trip, we will visit the beautiful city of Cape Town, marvel at the animals in the wild in Kruger National Park, and be blown away by the sheer beauty of Victoria Falls. See our itinerary for more detailed information!

The Eternal City

Rome is a cultural paradise, with more tourist attractions and amazing things to see than can be done in a month of touring. There are the classics–The Vatican, Jewish Ghetto, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain, The Colosseum, Pantheon, and the Forum. There are many exciting ways to see the city–a nighttime Segway tour, a tour of the fountains of Rome, or wandering and getting entranced by the charm of the city.We work closely with many restaurants and suppliers in the Jewish Ghetto, and would be thrilled to give you an authentic taste of Roman Jewish life.

Prague, Czech Republic​

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a living museum. During WWII, Hitler sought to preserve this architectural gem of  a city (although the Allies accidentally bombed it, most of its  incredible buildings were saved.)


While many European cities rebuilt after the war, Prague  had a lot less rebuilding to do. And happily so, as this city of gothic buildings, gigantic castles, and whimsical clock  towers is a joy to wander through.

the Greek Isles and Rhodes

The Greek Isles -  Greece has a huge number of islands–in fact, estimates run from 1,200 to 6,000! Despite all the potential places  one could live, only about 163-227 (again, depending on estimates)  are inhabited. The fourth-largest inhabited island is Rhodes,  with a population of about 115,000.


Rhodes is a hugely popular tourist destination and a lively one, at that. Many pubs, bars and clubs are open till the early  morning, with tourists and locals alike revelling in the Mediterranean heat. Being an island, there is no shortage of beaches both

popular and secluded, and the history on Rhodes can’t be beat.

There is a remaining synagogue, the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, and during the summer there are services every Shabbat. The synagogue is old and saturated with incredible Jewish history, and is a definite must-see.



Adriatic Adventures 

Croatia is fast becoming a hugely popular summer tourist destination. When I visited, I was surprised that it has only become popularized recently. The country is brimming with exciting things to do, see, and eat. In the past five or ten years, the culinary world woke up and discovered the amazing food coming out of Croatia, particularly their wine and cheese. Unfortunately, no enterprising individuals have decided to make a kosher Croatian wine (yet), but even if you can’t sample these particular delights, there is more than enough to keep you happy (and when you travel with Kosher Culinary Adventures, three gourmet meals a day will keep any jealousy at bay.)



Budapest is the capital city of Hungary. The city used to be divided by the Danube River into two different cities–Buda and Pest–but was unified in 1873. Budapest is one of the largest cities in Europe, a financial hub, and home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the banks of the Danube, Andrassy Avenue, and

the Buda Castle Quarter.

Budapest, Hungary
Coffee. Music. Cake 

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is the ultimate museum and music city. It is absolutely packed with imperial history, and despite its ornate and grand feel, also features a surprising amount of contemporary offerings.


Vienna, with a population of about 1.4 million, has long been a hub for art, music, and food. Its impeccable taste is not surprising, given that it was the capital city of the Austro-Hungarian empire for many years. It has been called many things–the City of Music, The City of Dreams (Sigmund Freud called Vienna home) and Red Vienna, as it was once the socialist hub of Austria.

Colorful and Historical

Andalusia, in the south of Spain, is a huge province with a wonderfully charming flair that is both Moorish and Spanish at the same time. The drive through the countryside is a throwback to another era.

Cataloniais an area in the north-east corner of Spain, comprising four provinces–Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and Tarragona. The area spans from France and Andorra to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the east. It is well known for its history, beautiful nature, and incredibly rich food culture.​



The name Hawaii is almost immediately associated with paradise, and for good reason. This cluster of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean might be one of the most lush, magical, tropical paradises in the world. Its crystal waters are home to technicolor reefs and huge schools of colorful fish, volcanos are on every corner (inactive, most of the time!) and gorgeous beaches beckon everywhere.

Hawaii is almost always beautifully temperate, and when it rains, the rains stop five minutes after they began. Cold nights are a rarity, and if your island isn’t to your liking, you can hop on a 30 minute plane ride and visit another. We hosted our trip on Maui, and every day was a perfect, idyllic adventure.

A Pacific Wonderland 
Provence, France
Elegance and Lavender


Provence is a province and historical area in the south of France. Encompassing a geographically diverse stretch of land, this area has it all. From art, culture, music, food, nature, water, and beautiful landscapes, everything on offer here is top-notch. The French take pride in their attention to detail and eye for beauty, and Provence absolutely doesn’t disappoint.


The area has a fascinating history–from the Greeks to the Romans to the Pope, many different hands have shaped the land. The Jews also have a fascinating history here, with a lot of Jewish scholarship and thinkers coming from the area. Currently, there are several respectably sized Jewish communities, sprinkled across cities such as Marseilles, Nice, and Aix-en-Provence.


Ski Destinations
Winter Getaways 

Skiing–the ultimate in winter activities. Who doesn’t love the thrill of racing down a snowy piste, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair? The rush of pushing and challenging yourself to new and exciting heights, of the satisfied feeling you get after conquering another hill? At Kosher Culinary Adventures, we encourage you to spend all day on the slopes–and then come back for decadent hot chocolate, soups, and fondue.​

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