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Tailor Made

Kosher Travel

"Travel leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller"

Kosher Travel  Your Way

For over 8 years - Kosher Culinary Travel has provided exclusive kosher travel and kosher chef services
Kosher trips through Europe, kosher African Safaris, or  island hopping in Greece or Hawaii
Let Kosher Culinary travel build your dream kosher vacation. 

All of our kosher trips are tailor-made for you and your group. We are your exclusive kosher holiday destination

Wherever you wish to travel, we can ensure that you and your companions have the privacy and comfort of home, with all the luxurious amenities that you would expect from a kosher culinary travel vacation.

Kosher Villas and Hotels 

We work with Top Chefs, Michelin Starred Restaurants, and Five Star Resorts to provide you with top kosher dining destinations. 

Ever dreamed of staying at the Montage in Maui, or a Private Villa on an Italian Lake? How about a Tuscan Vineyard all to yourself? Our private kosher travel designers will design your perfect kosher trip. 


Kosher Yacht and Island Hopping

​Set sail each morning to another destination, where you can swim, explore, shop, hike, or laze around on the boat. The crystal clear waters, pleasant weather, and charming islands will leave nothing to be desired. Kayaks, speed-boats, snorkeling equipment are all on board.
From Greek Island paradises to Croatian dream vistas. We will take you there.

Kosher Wine and Food Tours

Immerse yourself in the local food culture while sightseeing.
Truffle hunting, wine tasting,  pasta workshops, sightseeing, luxury accommodations. Our Kosher food and wine tours include cooking workshops, visits to wineries and olive presses, visits to gorgeous towns and producers of artisan foods of the region. The hands-on cooking classes will focus on the best of the local cuisine. You will be cooking with ingredients gathered from the region and the garden on the property and of course the local markets.

​Kosher Exotic Travel - Africa| Asia | South America

​Go off the beaten track, anywhere you want in the world. Stunning landscapes, tropical paradises, mist-shrouded volcanoes, and unbelievable beaches. Our kosher travel designers will take you anywhere in the world. 
Enchanting Indonesia, Kosher Riverboat on the Mekong through Vietnam and Laos or eating Kosher Sushi in Kyoto Japan. 

Kosher Private Chef and Catering

Our kosher Chefs will create a seasonal menu, based on fresh local ingredients for your enjoyment. Sourced from local artisan suppliers your kosher private chef will prepare sumptuous meals fully customized to your needs and tastes. Visiting Israel for the Pesach or Sukkot, or just because and would like a memorable dining experience? Our private chefs will prepare world-class food in your very own home or rental here in Israel as well!

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