Italy’s Kosher wines, a best kept secret

Italy’s Kosher wines, a best kept secret

Over the past few years, we’ve often discussed the possibility of creating a Kosher wine tour in Italy, to spend ten days discovering the amazing food and wines of this country, and immerse ourselves in a truly gastronomic experience. We finally decided to get on with it took two weeks off, traveling from south to north, eating, drinking, cooking, and exploring.

From the new drinker to seasoned oenophile, read on to discover how a strictly kosher trip can expand your mind and delight your tastebuds!!

Our trip began in Brindisi, the “heel” of Italy’s famous boot. This coastal region might be a bit off the beaten track, but we love it for that. It’s known for its stunning views, laid-back vibe, and orecchiette pasta. We dove right into the world of Italian cuisine with a tasting of wines made from some of our favorite grape varietals, the Negroamaro, and had a private cooking workshop with the best local pasta maker. The wines produced here are wholesome, rustic Italian wines that pair perfectly with a classic plate of creamy pasta. In the evening we retired in your luxurious suite, and got a well rested for a wonderful day ahead!

After we wake up, we enjoyed a delicious breakfast spread and the incredible views, and left time explore two more wineries nearby. At the first one, we will leart more about the Primitivo grape varietal, known as Zinfandel in other parts of the world. This Primitivo is one of the only kosher Zinfandels around, and the only kosher Primitivo. We had a hearty kosher chalavi lunch at the winery, abundant with cheeses, sun dried anti-pasti and the best tirimasu we have tasted in ages. We then headed out to our next stop—the famous Pompeii volcano and spent a few hours exploring these ancient Roman ruins. After that, we headed to our hotel to freshen up and headed out for another wine tasting and dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant — This tour was tantalizing for the stomach and the senses and an experience not to be forgotten!


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