Kosher Italian Wine Tour: Rome

Kosher Italian Wine Tour: Rome

“All roads lead to Rome.” The City of Seven Hills. The Eternal City. There are many names, quotes, and stories told about Rome, with good reason. The Roman Empire once stretched across great expanses of the world, and undoubtably influenced Western culture as we know it. Today, the influence Rome has on the world has perhaps faded, but the city itself is still a gem – chock-full of history, beauty, and architectural marvels.

On our upcoming kosher wine tour in Italy, we will spend a weekend in Rome and hopefully explore this city in as much depth as possible. After several days of wining and dining, a relaxing Shabbat is in the cards. Thankfully, the Jewish Ghetto is quite central, and a weekend spent amongst the local community is sure to be a rejuvenating experience. We will discover the history of Roman Jewish food with several local chefs who will introduce us to classic delicacies such as the Carciofi all giuda, or “Jewish Artichoke”.

The Tempio Maggiore di Roma, the main Roman synagogue, is a beauty to behold, architecturally and experientially. The local Roman community is a sizable 15,000 (approximately), and holds onto their beautiful “Orthodox Italki” traditions and tunes fiercely. This hundred-year old synagogue serves locals and tourists alike, and is also home to a fascinating museum. The synagogue is right next to the historic Jewish Ghetto, which is a vibrant hub for Jewish life in Rome. Many renowned restaurants line the cobble streets, almost all of them advertising their excellent “Cucina Ebraico”, or Jewish Kitchens.

There are many more must-sees in Rome. Upon our arrival, we will do a basic walking tour of the city to see some of the major sites, including the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain. We encourage our guests to get out and explore, perhaps hop around from square to square and see the many amazing fountains, sculptures, old buildings, and enjoy the energy of this ancient, richly textured, and vibrant city.


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