Kosher Spain Street Food

Kosher Spain Street Food

By Chef Sara Black – KoChef

When we started planning this trip, I was already excited!

Spain! Spanish food and culture!

Another Kosher Culinary Travel adventure which I get to share with you!

One of the most famous Spanish dishes are Churros and one of my favorites!

Can’t wait to prepare that dessert for you!

Spanish Street food converted to Kosher!

Every country I visit in, one of the first things I like doing is looking into the street food and converting it into Kosher!

What I am really looking forward to is sending you out on your day trip with the packaged lunch that is authentic local street food, converted Kosher!


Bocadillo is basically a sandwich which is made with a special Spanish bread. The chef cuts it lengthwise. It is very low cost and people usually have it for lunch as a quick bite. You will find these in tapas bars and cafes in Spain. The Bocadillos have different seasonings such as mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup or tomato sauce. You can have it with beer or wine or just coffee for that matter.

Patatas Bravas:

This is such a comfort food! The Patatas Bravas are very much from Spain and they are served as tapas in most bars. You will find this as a famous street food in Spain. It is basically potatoes which have a very irregular shape. These are deep fried in oil and served with a really yummy sauce. It is not too expensive and it definitely solves the purpose of satisfying your starch craving. Simple yet delicious!


Pinchitos is a yummy dish. It is a Spanish twist to a kebab. The kebabs are skewered and meats which are used for this are lamb and chicken. You will find these in tapas bars and as street food. It is easy to find Pinchitos in Spain. The Spanish people love it so much!

Tortila Espanola:

This might be something new for you. The Tortilla Espanola is basically an Omelette which is very Spanish. It is treated as a snack. It is not like the usual omelettes that you eat. It has potatoes and then it is fried nicely in olive oil. If you are hungry and you need a quick snack, just grab a Tortilla Espanola and you will be good for the next 4 hours.

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