Tuscany summer vacation

Tuscany summer vacation
Tuscany summer vacation

Arrive at your beautiful Tuscan Villa for an aperitif. Rest a bit before indulging in a multi course dinner in front of the wild landscape of Tuscany.

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It all started in 2010….

It all started in 2010  when a group of friends sat together on a Friday night enjoying a delicious Shabbat meal, with lots of talking and laughter. It was springtime and just the right season to travel to Tuscany. We all shared our desire to travel to Italy and eat kosher, we longed to enjoy the gorgeous rolling Tuscan hills, the scent of the Italian cypress trees under the warm Mediterranean sun, and above all, we dreamt of experiencing the exquisite local cuisine, while keeping it kosher.

Kosher Culinary Travel is the perfect way for me to fulfill that dream of providing elegant, delicious kosher vacations to some of the most beautiful destinations on earth. We are excited to provide kosher travelers with the opportunity to experience cuisine and culture without restrictions. Kosher Culinary Travel believes in cooking using fresh, local ingredients where each trip is a new and exciting opportunity to explore the local food culture and create a unique culinary experience.