Local Catalan Cuisine – Made Kosher

Local Catalan Cuisine – Made Kosher

Experience local cuisine without sacrificing on Kosher!

One of the beauties of travel is getting to sample foreign food in their original settings.

So when in the beautiful city of Barcelona, you definitely want an experience of the delectable local Catalan cuisine..

But you want it all Kosher.

Our kosher boutique hotel at Castell Sant Mori is the place to be from August 13 to 27, 2019

We also host a restaurant that offers you a top of the range selection of local kosher food within the cosy ambiance of a Gothic castle laden with history.

Sate your appetite with the finest local materials all meticulously selected and crafted into the most delectable dishes that parade the gourmet excellence of the local cuisine while still keeping it Kosher.

Whether you are in for lunch or dinner, you can expect the same unvaried exhibition of culinary excellence specially designed to make your taste buds come alive and demand for more and more.

Travel is great, we know. But what makes it special and creates the memories is the opportunity for cultural immersion it provides. Here is our invitation to you to join us and let us help you create the memories that last.

Come get a taste of Catalonia in our kosher restaurant.


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