Day trip to the Pyrenees

Day trip to the Pyrenees

If you are looking to enjoy Kosher travel in Spain, an exciting idea is a Kosher day trip to the Pyrenees from Girona. The famous mountain range offers very beautiful scenery with exotic Pyrenean flora and fauna, beautiful parks with astonishing features, charming villages and historic spots.

Once you’ve ascended a whooping 6000 feet into the sky by railway rack, the thrill of a lifetime, you can expect to be treated with a once in a lifetime sights. A panorama that many dream of but only few get to see. Then within these mountains, an entire country lies to explore, Andorra. If the ski resorts somehow don’t get you in love, then the duty free shopping will certainly enchant you. A kosher picnic high up in the mountains, literally dining in the clouds is an integral part of the promised experience and one you should definitely treat yourself to. This magical day trip to the Pyrenees, a place laden with beauty and history should definitely form a key part of your Kosher travel in Spain.

Your proposed base during the period is the Castell Sant Mori in Catalonia, a charming castle with a long history of its own, where you are invited to indulge in the finest Kosher meals with a local flavor that lets you immerse in the lovely cultural scene of this region while still keeping your meals Kosher.

Here’s your opportunity to create memorable travel memories during your time in Spain. An invitation to immerse in beauty culture and history. A mix of thrilling experience and delectable local kosher dishes at the same time. Your time is now, take it.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime this August 13-20 and 20-27, 2019.


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