Kosher Restaurant Barcelona – xai rostit amb 12 cabeçes d’all

Kosher Restaurant Barcelona – xai rostit amb 12 cabeçes d’all

When visiting Spain the first food that pops up is probably paella. In our Barcelona Kosher Restaurant, yes we will have paella, but let’s look at some less well known but marvelously authentic Catalan dishes.

One of my favorites is xai rostit amb 12 cabeçes d’all which means “Roasted lamb and 12 heads of garlic”. Simple enough and it is – just very time intensive,but worth it! When visiting the kosher restaurant in Barcelona you only have to eat the final product – Chef Sara will take care of the hard work. No other kosher restaurants in Barcelona serve this authentic cuisine!

Many parts of the lamb can be used for this, but generally the most flavorful is the lamb shoulder. The lamb is seared to a golden perfection in a saucepan, garlic (12 cloves per portion) are added with a glass of white wine, stock, and some root vegetables for extra flavor. In to the oven it goes and roasted for 12 hours on very low heat

When the lamb is very tender,the casserole is put back on the gas range to reduce the sauce. Served with a celeriac root puree or roasted potatoes. This is a dish you have to try!

Reservations are available August 13 to 27

The restaurant is Kosher under the Hashgacha of Chabad of Barcelona.


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