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The 5 things you need to bring to a Pesach hotel program!

This coming up Pesach 2023 KCT Vacations is excited to host our Pesach hotel program at the beautiful Aldemar Olympian Village. While planning the exciting entertainment and menu that is all inclusive we started thinking if there are things that people still need to bring from home to the program.

These are the five things that no matter what is included in a Pesach hotel you should bring from home:

1. Your kids. As tempting as it may be to leave them with the in-laws, you should probably bring them with you.

2. Speaking of in-laws, you should probably bring them also. It's so much better to have them around when you have an open bar and never ending food.

3. This one is actually helpful - Baby formula if you have an infant. Even though with the delicious food we have on offer they will begin eating sooner then you think.

4. A disposable camera. Yes, iPhone photos are great, but give your family members a disposable camera each. You can take the vacation with you back home with another fun activity developing and making an album.

5. And the final thing you need to bring with you is an appetite because at our Pesach Hotel we have 10 street food trucks and we want you to taste from them all!

Kosher Culinary Travel - KCT Vacations - is excited to welcome you to Pyros, Greece at the luxurious Aldemar Olympian Village Resort.

Join us in our Pesach Hotel and leave the cleaning and cooking to us!

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